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  • ... Decides to Avoid the Dentist
    When ... felt a sharp shooting pain in his mouth last week, he made a firm decision not to call the dentist to get it checked out. As he explains, “I am as afraid of dentists as I am of sharks and clowns, and neither sharks nor clowns are likely to come at your face with a drill.”
  • Apocalypse Now: ...’s Hit and Run Makes River Run Red as Blood
    When most people run away from a fender-bender, they get a suspended license and maybe a rap sheet for reckless endangerment. ...’s hit and run, on the other hand, made an entire river run red and triggered widespread panic about the end of the world.
  • Reverse Rumspringa, ... Churns Butter for a Year
    To test his commitment to his smartphone-addicted lifestyle ... embarked on a reverse rumspringa, trading in his belongings for a horse drawn carriage, a plot of arable land in Pennsylvania, and a small wardrobe of Amish clothing.