..., trained in all kinds of deadly martial arts, has been unmasked as a vigilante ninja warrior who has been terrorizing criminals on the streets for years. ..., dressed from head to toe in black, has been guarding the streets at night wearing the signature mask of ninja warriors. Until now known only by his “superhero” name of Shadow, he travels armed with a deadly arsenal of martial arts weaponry.

Most of the time, he is simply out helping people who seem to be in trouble of some kind. He has been known to break up gang fights and drug deals on the streets. Needless to say, all this keeps the city streets safe for ordinary people, and criminals now fear the Shadow more than the police. ... brushes off any criticism of vigilante justice itself being unlawful, saying that it’s his destiny. He says this is who he is, and he just wants to inspire people to live life the way they want, doing something unique which makes them happy and content while benefiting others.

... says it’s like second nature to him now, and even goes so far as to suggest that he might have been a real ninja warrior in a past life. He says he will continue to defend those who are vulnerable, provide help to those who need it, and inform law enforcement if necessary.

Most of the time, his interventions are more pedestrian. He meets people who are lost or just in need of some kind of help or guidance. Recently he met a civilian threatening to jump off a bridge. ... spent some time talking to him, sharing his wisdom and providing a sympathetic ear.

Asked why and when he became a vigilante ninja warrior, ... said it goes back to a fateful day 10 years ago when he witnessed an act of violence in which bystanders remained uninvolved. He promised himself that day that he would never again allow such complacency in his community.

... can move around virtually undetected, because he can read the wind and melt into the shadows. Watching him in action it’s not hard to see how he got his superhero alias.

Asked how his family has been coping with his secret double-life as a ninja warrior, ... says his family has mostly accepted it and they are on board with his crime-fighting hobby.

As a consequence of ... prowling the streets and keeping people safe, the city’s crime rate has dropped drastically. Criminals are fleeing the city in search of “safer” cities with no ninja warriors, and officials of cities from all over the world are calling on ... to come to their city and train chosen police officers on how to hone the craft of the crime-fighting ninja warrior.