...’s long-distance flight turned far more kinky than he could have imagined after he was unexpectedly solicited to join the mile high club.

... was traveling domestically, when he struck up a conversation with the stranger in the seat next to him. Eventually the conversation became too racy to be continued in their seats, and the two headed into the lavatory, one after the other, eager to fulfill their fantasies of anonymous sex at 40,000 feet.

Their carnal exertions eventually grew too loud to be ignored by cabin crew, as parents began shielding their children’s ears from the moans and obscenities that had become audible throughout the main cabin.
Crewmembers banged on the toilet door, but were ignored by the couple who could hear nothing beneath the throes of their ecstasy. The door was ultimately forced open, and the couple was shamed and reprimanded by the crew, who placed both in handcuffs for the remainder of the flight. ... was finally let off with a warning, and will likely be barred from boarding a plane on the same carrier again.

When questioned later about the ordeal, ... showed little remorse. “Having sex on a commercial flight is something I had dreamed of accomplishing from an early age. I didn’t see any sign on the door saying ‘no loud sex with random strangers.’ To be honest, I was just following a path many others had tread before me.”

There are in fact many such instances of passengers being kicked off of flights and/or arrested for trying to join the mile high club. Several years ago, an Australian couple was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a sexual romp in the toilet of a Jetstar flight was followed by an abusive tirade against the crew who forced them out of the toilet. Jetstar has since changed their policies about entering toilets, and they no longer allow two people to enter the same toilet at the same time.

Although ... was forced to spend half of his flight in handcuffs, he takes pride in having joined the ranks of a number of elite celebrities with mile-high credentials. Zoe Saldana, Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, and Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have all gained notoriety for using an airplane bathroom for purposes most of us can only imagine. Actor Liam Neeson has publicly acknowledged joining the mile high club while on board a Lufthansa flight. Kris Jenner, mother of the Kardashian sisters, has likewise admitted that she and her former husband Bruce Jenner joined the club on an episode of her cancelled reality TV show. John Travolta and Kelly Preston have done the deed high up in the air, but they didn’t have to sneak into a toilet because Travolta has his own plane and is a pilot. Ralph Fiennes is another member of the club, having managed to convinced a flight attendant to accompany him into the toilet while on a Qantas flight to Mumbai. The attendant was later fired.

For ..., his behavior was simply an expression of a larger desire to live a life free of regrets. “I did not want to go through the rest of my life ruminating about what ifs. I knew this was my one shot at mid-air intercourse and I did not want to blow it” As for the passengers who had sat in mute judgment of his conduct, ... insists that have no right to any moral high ground. “They are all sanctimonious hypocrites. There was not a single one of them who did not want, deep down, to trade places with me in that bathroom. They just need to get over it and join the club.”