In an age when critiques of unattainable beauty standards regularly evolve into viral memes, ... has faced a unique challenge: being impossibly attractive. For most of ...’s life, ... has been cursed with natural beauty that models only dream of attaining through digital enhancement, lighting, and extensive professional styling. Whether he just woke up out of bed, or spent hours grooming to impress, the results were always the same; ... found himself too sexy for the world that surrounded him.

...’s beauty left him feeling alienated and alone, unable to sustain deep meaningful relationships. People either felt upstaged by his good looks or became overwhelmed with unrestrained desire in his presence. “Being gorgeous has been no bed of roses” ... explained candidly, comparing the experience to being born into money, power, or celebrity. “People think they want to be as sexy as me, but if they walked a day in my shoes they would soon see how lonely and dehumanizing it is to be trapped in such a beautiful body, hidden behind a mask of perfect natural features. I never asked to be an unrealistic societal expectation”

... has had to fend off a wearying barrage of assumptions about his image, insisting that he has had no plastic surgery, special diet or training. Moreover, ... complains that his appearance often blinds others from appreciating his other talents. “Nobody seems to even notice my intelligence, creativity, humor, empathy, and unfailing work ethic. It’s always my hotness. I have run out of breath trying to tell everyone that I am a whole person.” Even the most simple tasks, such as clothes shopping, have been onerous. “Often I will see a shirt I like, try it on in the dressing room, and be faced with the harsh reality that I am just too sexy for it.”

Fortunately, ... has learned to persevere and accept himself for who truly he is. He now understands that he didn’t choose to be too sexy, and that he alone must value himself for his personality, wit, and character. “I can’t help how I was born, and I finally have come to the realization that I am going to have to learn to love myself for who I am.” ... has recently begun working on a memoir chronicling his triumph over adversity, tentatively titled So Sexy it Hurts.